A great nation was being fed a load of crap.

Evil corporations had corrupted the food supply, and replaced natural goodness with deadly chemicals, preservatives, "meat-like substances" and radioactive vegetables. While they slowly poisoned the good people, the corporations got richer and richer. 


America yearned for- and deserved something better.

Just then, a small boy was rocketed from his dying planet to earth, sent by a gourmet father and scientifically advanced mother. Raised on earth by a wealthy couple who had been bitten by radioactive spiders, this boy, who they named Alex Ryan, grew up with SuperHuman tastebuds. His ability to create delicacies far beyond the capacity of mortal men grew into a quest to save mankind from bad fast food. 

That boy grew to become Captain Herogie. 

While every other culture on planet earth had their own version of a "traditional pocket food" like a pierogie, empanada, burrito, calzone- America had none. 


Captain Herogie was determined to change that. His efforts to create a true American Superfood became HEROGIES, the greatest thing you'll ever stick in your mouth. 


Celebrating American Heroes and what makes this country great, HEROGIES allows you to fight evil food purveyors- one delicious bite at a time.   





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Herogies Holding Company, LLC
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T: 240.988.1631

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